Take a line for a walk


Drawing is taking a line for a walk.

Paul Klee’s famous quote, above, really does strip down the basic principles of drawing.

Making a drawing is about communicating with your self, without a conscious thought of what mark you’re making on paper. With this approach, I’ve realized there is a sense of ease, spontaneity and freedom with which I explore basics of techniques and composition elements.

Paul Klee’s quote was also the inspiration for a workshop I had the opportunity to conduct last weekend, in Bangalore. Over two mornings, I interacted with a delightful group of 5 – 8 year olds, exploring drawing lines of all kinds.


Through games, freewheeling exercises and watching some videos, the kids saw that pretty much everything and anything that is drawn uses lines. The activities planned helped describe, develop and use different line qualities — horizontal, criss-cross, vertical, slanting, dotted, thick and thin etc.

The venue was a lovely terrace garden surrounded with plants, and made for a great location for the children to recognize the existence of lines even in our surroundings.


By the end of the two day workshop, every child illustrated an experience of a journey they have taken. Using depictions of the various lines that we explored over the course of the workshop, and through different mediums, their drawings came to life.

As a facilitator, watching the unique process each child takes in understanding and implementing what we explore in every session, is as exciting for me, as it is to see what the final outcome is, in terms of the picture.

Take a line for a walk

The thing about conceiving Drawing Room as a travelling art project is to be able to reach a wider bunch of children, create more such experiences and take it to them, rather than always have a static “class” for children to visit. I look forward to many more such interactions in the coming weeks and months.

Drawing Room is open to collaborations! If you have a bunch of children, a venue or a space where you’d like to host a workshop or session, please get in touch with me.

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