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  1. Hey i just checked your pics of “This is India – by Niyati Upadhya”.
    I must say its awesome pics.
    Truly love it.

  2. Hi Niyati….i have seen your pics & paintings…i am very impressed…it,s really heart touching work…if Goddess maa Saraswati ji has given an art in your hand…so work with pray of GOD day u will become a world class artist..why one day u will,i am saying wrong…from today itself i say u are a world class artist..GOD bless you…Keep continue your work…all the best for your bright future..

  3. Hey niyati,

    I liked the tag line – i am a part of all that I have met.

    would like to know more about your work, and you


    1. hey,
      thank you, its a mixed media work, work in progress at the moment.
      there are images to this series of images i will be putting up soon. which has self portraits.
      keep visiting.

  4. Hello,

    I saw your This is India pictures on yahoo and they are truly beautiful. I think you really captured what India/Mumbai is in those pictures and if you have more I would like to see them. So glad to see your pictures which makes me proud to be an Indian and miss my home city/country.


  5. To be frank I am disappointed. After seeing “This Is India”, I expected dozens if not tons of beautiful & awesome pics. But whatever I’ve seen I really liked it and would like to see more of these amazing pics. Also the tag lines are simply amazing.
    Good Job!!
    All the best..


    P.S. The next thing that I will be doing is google “mixed media work”.

  6. Hey Niyati,
    I don’t know who are u, ur appearance, but by seeing ur work I have really felt that I know you from a long time.
    Your work is inexpressible, its mind refreshing.

    Please add on more of work done, it brings loads of ” peace of mind.”

    Ur work is just amazing.

    Darshana Jodatti

  7. hi mam,
    I think your work “Colourful umbrellas brighten up an otherwise grey monsoon.”
    has to be awarded or some how should be greeted. sadly i couldnt do that sorry for that, but still a lil contribution from me. Check this website “” and
    place your creation “Colourful umbrellas brighten up an otherwise grey monsoon.”
    (which was in yahoo). hope u do that… bye

  8. I wonder about your timing of capturing snaps, particularly the ones immediately after rain with a wet and reflective surface are amazing. You could generate into a good photographer and become a mainstream photographer in India for people portraits and their associated activity in urban and rural India. GOD BLESS.

    BRRao, Goa

  9. Hi Niyati.!!

    I happened to browse Yahoo India Widescreen and ur photos in This is India is mesmerising. I do a little bit of photography but never found similar success with people related themes. U’ve just conjured magical emotional displays..!

    I felt the fruit vendor and the coloured umbrella collection were the best.
    Keep up the good work.

    Warm regards

    PS: I post on flickr. Come have a look.

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