Cult of the street Bombay: Corn Remover.






Cult of the street Bombay: Hajjam



Hair Cuttings, Beard cleaning.

Stands a busy Hajjam grooming the daily passer by’s out side the Bhau Daji Lad Museum.




Bone setting stories.

My first experience on the sets of a Ad film shoot. I got lucky to be on the sets of a ad film that was set on the ‘Bone setters’. A humerus (pun intended) take on the traditional idea of the good old ‘bone setters’ this was a comedy central promo for VH1 India, By ‘Foot candles’ Art director : Sonal Sawant.

Rebuilding, Recreating. a sense of fictional yet making it seem real.
It was an amazing set to work on, a dream come true. I got my time to walk through the whole set and create and capture movement through what sat on the sets of this film. Every object that was placed there was not over done or of out place.Each adding its personal character.

Cult of the street Bombay: Bone setters.

Moving on with my Search into quirky businesses  people have in the city where the concept or ‘privacy’ does not exist Another chaotic day, when I came across this.

Mr Imran Shaikh, bone setter who’s moved from Lucknow to  Bombay to fix BONES! No medical certification, he says this is what hes been taught to do right through his childhood from this Grandfather and now continues to take it forward.



I entered this little clinic which is off Elphenstone bridge on Sayani Rd, This is home to him and and his brother,they  live out of day by day fixing peoples bones.


Went around the city spotting these  old inconspicuous healers. Making my way through unseen parts of Bombay to find out South Bombay has a few old old Pari families who have passed this on through there family.

Dr. Noshir. S. Hadvaid was most troubled that I was the first person to walk in that morning and for him to find out that i was there to click pictures of this Clinic. Responses to when i asked him if i could shoot :

” NOO SORRY, out out!!” showing me the way out and not hearing i word of what i had to say. While i was taking my time and not moving and trying really hard to tell him how this is not some sort of a threat to his clinic. he was very clear. ” noo noo sorry noo please.. OUT” He had one ofthe nicest clinic’s i had come across.

I walked out rather disappointing at my skill of convincing. spent more time  around there asking around and moved on to ‘Chira Bazaar’.

Along side the Fire temple in a lane with old buildings, i found a 5 generation family living there. With a huge waiting room packed with patients. 


Its all herbal and home made remedies. Which is then applied on with a FAT paint brush. Not the most pleasant looking or attractive

smelling .consulting and treatment all under Rs 100.  This is what brings me  my fascination with practice, in a city where there is a mix of people from all backgrounds, who believe and have such faith in what they do, and continue to do so even today.


The very proud doctor, who very hesitantly allowed me to potter around his clinic.

                                                                                                Thank you to all the doctors and patients.




Cult of the street Bombay: Goma photo studio.


Goma studio, stands on the busy noisy 60 feet Rd At ‘Dharavi’. I have been passing this photo studio over a few years now and have always wanted to walk into it  just see what its like. The door to this studio is a sliding metal door with a portrait a south Indian politician  painted on it, standing there guarding the happenings inside the studio.

Sunday evening i decided to head to Goma , with my cousin who LOVES to be in front of a camera and Dheer who does too.. :) i was a little hesitant at first  not knowing how to document the workings of this space and weather or not i will be allowed to. The 3 of us paraded in anyway, with our props and told the photographer there that we want him to take picture of us agents his various back drops. . He was very confused and asked what kinda and we told him that we leave it to him. It was great fun, It took him a while to figure out what  we were trying and what we wanted. We had a blast going through the various props he had lying around his studio.

The set up in the studio was Fantastic! just what i was looking for. We took a few group shots followed by a few singles that we allowed the photographer uncle set. Do notice how he has photo shopped the bike into the image while processing.

I documented while they posed, their never ending poses… Mean while there were other customers waiting for there turn and we were no where near getting done ANYTIME soon, so we very kindly allowed them in to the studio and took a break  while we watched the real deal take place. There are all sorts of people who want their picture taken.. it was great to see how this space changes with every person that walks in. A tiny studio with so much character. We continued having our moment in front of the camera. A remarkable collection of props and backgrounds make it possible for ordinary men and women to act their fantasies and to celebrate rituals.  These studios bring you face to face with the vibrant vernacular culture of this country.

It was a great experience to be a part of this world for those few hours.

Got on the wrong train.

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When its hot, my brain tends to go to sleep most often. This time around it all worked out for the better.

On a wrong train to south Mumbai i had in front of me a lady with her 2 little children.

Kept me thinking and clicking instantly narrating to myself a story about the lady and her 2 children.

Mumbai keeps calling me back to create more stories, there’s a  a closeness to the people but a mystery ,twist in each.