A visual artist from Rachana Sansad, I am a qualified sculptor and an aspiring photographer. And this is a on peep inside the journey of my work, my explorations, a few stories, a suitcase full of memories, light, time, beauty and reflections


26 Replies to “About”

  1. Congratulations Niyu!! Blog’s looking good! I’m glad you put it up, so us far-away fans can follow your work!

    Love, hugs and lotsa luck!!

  2. Hi,

    I have seen your photos on yahoo.com. Really beautiful….Request you to please go on…..your dream comes true.

    All the best for your future !!!

    Your New Fans

  3. hey niyati….. i saw ur pics on yahoo….. great work dear….. specially the photos of ur jorney from mumbai-goa…. really great job… keep it up!!!!!

  4. hi
    Happy Deepawali

    how r u? I have seen your photos on yahoo, a different look of india. Keep it on.

    Rgds: Ashok Jangra

  5. The photos are great.. I am surprised though, with the fact that you didn’t see anything better than some one getting their ear’s cleaned ….. Lol

    1. Dear Niyati, i am removing my details from the web and other sites where i no longer interested with. I request you to remove my above comment and fyi i have already unsubscribed from your blog. please do the needful. Thanks

  6. hey,
    saw your pics of Mumbai (specially the colourful umbrella scene) loved that pic. Is it outside Grant Road station.. All other pics are also awesome.

  7. hi niyati atfer seen your pic on yahoo i think in our country have born professional photographer like you it’s gorges work done by you .

    THank’s again


  8. All that is earth has once been sky,,

    A very beautiful thought and quite realistic. Appreciate your effort of putting life into simple word. An artist can see the world in a different way and from a new angle..

    Wish you all the best to keep up the good work. A combination of Artist imagination and photography can take you much higher.

  9. Also the famous poet C. S. Lewis describes very well with lines

    All that is Earth has once been sky;
    Down from the sun of old she came,
    Or from some star that travelled by
    Too close to his entangling flame.

  10. keep up the good work niyati…

    u work good..coz u think good…

    u know the colors of life… i can find life in ur photos..

    bol(best of luck)


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