Notes On Remembering Else Where

May 2013 came with some overwhelming surprises one of which was a much awaited residency at Khoj in Delhi as part of the Peers 2013 Artist in residence.

A packed Suitcase with my essentials and a bunch of art material, and I was ready to begin my month of discovery at Khoj.

khoj2013Montage        Khoj  New Delhi 2013.

 My work so far has always drawn me into the intricate details of the narratives that exist deeper within the lives of people I see on a daily basis, in the citys i have traveled to over the past few years, I have watched, observed, interacted with and documented the lives and work of practitioners of pre-modern. that dot the cityscape, jotting down ideas that I have later woven into  narratives of contemporary urban street culture into my work.chandi chowk6rs

chandi chowk7 rs

chandi chowk8rs

khirki Extension 8rs

During my time at Khoj, I explored the urban street culture at Shadipur Depot which is home to an assortment of street artists and performers, from singers to puppeteers and magicians. 



Kishan jugglerRs

bablu puppter5Rs

 I interacted with a slew of Shadipur’s singers, puppeteers and magicians, spending my time documenting their work, their lives and their home. The work that I  developed at Khoj resulted in a translation of my experiences in Shadipur on to a wall in my studio, which played the role of a page in my visual diary.


studio wall2Rs

final wall 5thjune Rs

Matchboxes, as faded bits of memories help translate the experiences through my interactions with the people of Khirki Village.Marking patterns of my memory on the wall of my studio, was like unfolding stories.

19th openDay 1Rs

how and when does an experience become a memory?


6 Replies to “Notes On Remembering Else Where”

  1. Niyu, such fantastic pictures of Chandni Chowk and the Katputli people.. But I already told you that.

    Its just that seeing them in this post, I have to admit, gave me a little bit of a goosebump attack. Your stories (words and pictures) seem to be much more well-rounded, clear, articulate and complete these days, and it makes me SO HAPPY. It has been an excellent few months for you no? I can sense it in the confidence in your tone when we talk, in your really LONG emails, and the enthusiasm you seem to have suddenly found is palpable. Im so proud of you and just so happy for you xoxxx

    A mad person once said, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” And I think you have done just that..

    1. Thank youu rere for all the help with the text. It all falls in place when i have you string the words for me together. :) It surely has been an amazingly inspiring few months for me with all the traveling and meeting the people i have. All this has helped bring clarity and form to the ideas ive been playing with in my head. Great place to be in.
      “i think this mad person was very right when he said these very wise words :) kheehehe,” Dr seus ?

  2. good reading dearest. appreciate the photographs/portraits. As soon as a experience is recognized- it becomes memory and not just pure unsullied experience. there is no thought in experience. once thought comes in, with comparison, judgement- I don’t believe its experience any more. Ok. Enough said. Getting heavy! xxx’s GMAIL

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