We all have stories to tell.

I went back to Goa to spend a part of the summer there, this year. And in my time there I was lucky to be able to discover secrets of the sea, untouched beaches, and little towns filled with character.



The most memorable part of being in Panjim was an afternoon spent in Fontainhas — the Portuguese Quarter, which was like walking through a string of stories thorugh time.

A town where you’ll see people living life with total ease, sitting at the porch of there homes, feeding  fish, and fishing.

GOA 2012.



8 Replies to “We all have stories to tell.”

  1. Theres really something about the pictures that you take that makes it beautiful to view. They are so different, i am just putting it too mildly, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I love the way you capture life thru your camera lens!

  2. Niyu, these turned out much nicer than I expected :) That slow easy fishy life comes through in a way that only a Goan can recognise hyukhyuk..
    But I wish you had full-sized pictures too!

      1. Because it will squish whatever you upload into the main column. and if you line up 2-3 images horizontally, it scales it down proportionately and fits it into the column, therefore the size reduction guggu..
        you need a website of your own now :D

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