9 Replies to “Today.”

    1. nice pics mam……loved it…..wrote a poem on one of ur pics

      Black tinted clouds were ready to spill,
      Bold thunders reminded the times of fright like never before,
      Distant trees waved like green paintings gleaming in th dark,
      And moody ravens added more flavour croaking through the skies,

      Near the river there sleeps a shore with chicness
      where two footed butterflies were making love in the cold
      like the one,from the garden of past times of betrayal
      And he stood like a scarecrow to put away his wings of mentations.

      like the loury skies facing the earth,
      like the withered leaves frowning at the blooms,
      like the horned owl gazing at the halo of the moon,
      he stayed wordless before eternal verity.

      He fell into the vast ocean of regrets,
      where his tears filled more than his guilts.
      Swayed by the memories of present and yore,
      where his trait is unleashed.
      but still searching for his “perfect love”.

      He glimpsed the haunted moments of perfidy
      in the paths of his dreams,
      Where truth was yelling in yonder.
      but his skies of memories were vague without the “moon”.

      like the heaving waves of the ocean,
      like the rage of the wafting wind,
      like the rising morning sun,
      he was whelmed by his retentivities.

      He contemplated the tales of life and love,
      where love remains a mystery always.
      started to hear piccolos rendering his melancholia,
      taking him to the hillocks and caves of departed world

      He scratched his griefs with the love of artistic nature,
      And falling into the days of aesthetic artwork
      which helped him in serenity.

      like the lyricking of a mariner,
      like the sad tune of a piper,
      And like the voices of wrecked canoe,
      he always lives with the memories of lovely love.

      because it is the lovely lovable love….

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