Cult of the street Bombay: Goma photo studio.


Goma studio, stands on the busy noisy 60 feet Rd At ‘Dharavi’. I have been passing this photo studio over a few years now and have always wanted to walk into it  just see what its like. The door to this studio is a sliding metal door with a portrait a south Indian politician  painted on it, standing there guarding the happenings inside the studio.

Sunday evening i decided to head to Goma , with my cousin who LOVES to be in front of a camera and Dheer who does too.. :) i was a little hesitant at first  not knowing how to document the workings of this space and weather or not i will be allowed to. The 3 of us paraded in anyway, with our props and told the photographer there that we want him to take picture of us agents his various back drops. . He was very confused and asked what kinda and we told him that we leave it to him. It was great fun, It took him a while to figure out what  we were trying and what we wanted. We had a blast going through the various props he had lying around his studio.

The set up in the studio was Fantastic! just what i was looking for. We took a few group shots followed by a few singles that we allowed the photographer uncle set. Do notice how he has photo shopped the bike into the image while processing.

I documented while they posed, their never ending poses… Mean while there were other customers waiting for there turn and we were no where near getting done ANYTIME soon, so we very kindly allowed them in to the studio and took a break  while we watched the real deal take place. There are all sorts of people who want their picture taken.. it was great to see how this space changes with every person that walks in. A tiny studio with so much character. We continued having our moment in front of the camera. A remarkable collection of props and backgrounds make it possible for ordinary men and women to act their fantasies and to celebrate rituals.  These studios bring you face to face with the vibrant vernacular culture of this country.

It was a great experience to be a part of this world for those few hours.

6 Replies to “Cult of the street Bombay: Goma photo studio.”

  1. I actually read this post on my phone (through gmail) and found lots of ? marks. I thought there were photos that wouldn’t display on my phone! And I’m here first thing in the morning (well it’s not THAT early but I just woke up!) looking for them!!

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