Thank you universe

I have just come back home from a week spent in Delhi. It is a week I will take a long long looonngg time to digest. I attended the Delhi Photo Festival 2011, at the IHC.  And it has been an eye opening experience from start to finish. I got the opportunity to learn and be inspired by a lot of others who have been on the journey I have just started or have also begun their journey much lie me — with a camera.

I thank all of Nazar foundation for bringing this dream to the masses, and all the speakers who shared all their experiences and their persistence for this art. There was a super strong energy all through the week-long festival, and at times I was so overwhelmed by all that I was being exposed to. At times I had nothing to say except watch, listen to all the different stories that were being share, and feel grateful for having got the opportunity to be there. I watched people of all ages, sizes and different backgrounds come to see the exhibits. I’d spend hours watching them come in and out and see there reactions to the work around them .

The city of Delhi makes me feel like I’m in a movie. From the spoken Hindi, to the streets to the culture, from traveling in cycle rickshaws to walking through huge parks with old monuments: its pouring out at you at every street corner. I spent one afternoon at Lodhi Garden, which was the closest to the India Habitat Center. We took some time off and Gayu and I went over to take a breather.

We watched people come to  pose and become a part of the past. Carrying their memories from Lodhi Gardens with them. Its been an amazing start into what I see to be a new story. Thank you so much Gayu for being a part of what was a magical journey for me.

7 Replies to “Thank you universe”

  1. Beautiful…I love Delhi. The city is so much different from Mumbai and it has so much history to it that makes you wanting visiting again and again.


  2. Lovely Blog Niyu. Yes Delhi has a distinct character to it. But capturing the right things is not easy!! Hehehehehe if you know what I mean!

  3. Aww :) I miss our escapades to Khan Market, our metro rides and Casurina sessions! Thank you so much for being a part of my journey too :D
    The photographs are lovely.

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