Suspended in space.

The last four years have revealed to me what it means to live in a BIG city. These memories that can fit into a travel bag, and yet can’t really fit into a finite space. Memories i’d like to carry wherever i go. While i am still a traveler, suspended in space.

Still moving,traveling. and growing…


4 Replies to “Suspended in space.”

  1. Hey Niyati..Saw the photographs “This is India”. Can you please tell me what type of lens do you have..I recently purchased Nikon D3100 and the lens that I got with it is 18-55mm one. I’m not too happy with the picture quality and clarity.

    Please reply

  2. Hi, Niyati , a very nice artistic photography work come to see on from you.Beautiful pictures of ( India’s heart city) Mumbai taken by you.My best wishes to you .

    Shripad Naik,

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