‘Here We Are’ Open Studio Bangalore 2019

The Process of making, creating, sharing and learning seems like an endless journey. However in this process its equally important and crucial for the person in the journey to step away from the studio as a making lab and bring to a finish his or her own work.

I had an opportunity to host Drawing Room’s 2nd Open-Studio (the first one was a culmination of two years working with a group of children in Mumbai) for a host of kids and their friends and family and of course a whole lot of my friends and family who have supported all of my endeavors. On the 31st of March 2019 my studio space held its very first open studio a display to share all the work done by a group of homeschooled children from the city.

Over the past two years in Bangalore I was lucky to have engaged with a group of 4 boys who brought to the studio a lot of energy with their humor, challenging questions and outlandish ideas of the real world and others. Two of the boys from the group were shifting cities, so I took this as an opportunity to work with them towards an open studio, for them to get an experience in looking back at all they had created and experimented with, conceptually and with various media. This was also a chance to look at their growth as individuals and as a group, to also ask and figure out various ways of sharing and displaying all this to an audience. It required condensing ideas and making sense of the activities and processes we worked on, and gave us the opportunity to come together, recognize what each one of us has discovered, learnt, our takeaways as well as what we’ve let go of.





Leading up to the Open Studio we had to think of how and what we would be sharing with our audience and this as a process allowed for the kids to distance themselves from their pieces and look at it in a new light, to make choices of whether or not they should mount the work, or frame it? Where and how they would display it? Some of them felt a lot more attached to works that they had produced at this point rather than when they made the work.

This was an extremely exciting process for me to revisit since the last time I went through this process was for my last show in 2013, and before that at art school.

IMG_7024 2

Why the Title: Here We Are
I’ve long been inspired by Oliver Jeffers’ best seller Here We Are, by how the book is a simple pictorial break-down of the world as we see it. As a functional land of so many different people, animals, and numerous parts of nature that coexist, This inspired me to share this as an idea and means to explore narratives and picture making within my studio sessions across Bangalore, Mumbai and Goa, over the past 2 years.


Our world can be a bewildering and fascinating place within which we tell stories – some fictional, some real, some imagined, some created. Here We Are is an on-going project, which will develop differently for each child, over time, based on his or her interest in various things in their environment; the spaces they live in and everything they observe.



This I felt was an entry into our relation to tying up of all the work produced over the course of 2 years and become the underlying theme to the open studio. That carried the work out for our viewers to engage with keeping in mind this place of learning and exploring through stories told.


I hope the kids took away from it the gifts sharing freely and fearlessly. As this became a marking for me in my journey with them.

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Year End 2018.

Happy Accidents, a visually exciting introductory workshop to watercolour, ink and the process of painting wet on wet. The children learnt to honor their mistakes and turn them into something beautiful, a smudge, a smear, could all be the beginnings of a creative journey. My last workshop of the year 2018 in Goa was a morning spent with littles that I have worked with over the last 2 years and thoroughly enjoy going back to ever so often.



Every single one of these interactions have been a learning in many ways,bringing me closer one step at a time in learning to not come in the way of my own process but play with my intuition. Staying present in the moment to all that gets exchanged with each of the children I interact with helps in bringing more to my learning. I want to Thank each and everyone one of you for coming in to make this journey special.

I look forward to what 2019 has in store for me and looking forward to meeting and sharing more meaningful stories.




Lights and Legends of Diwali

Lights and Legends of Diwali, a workshop exploring the folklore behind diwali through depictions in painting, collage and waxresist techniques. Over the Diwali break I hosted a short session for a few kids in Bangalore. Kids shared there stories on why we celebrate Diwali and what meaning it holds for each of them. I love sotry telling sessions, where I don’t have to say much but each of the children bring there stories and share. Each of the sotries end up being different.

Lights and Legends of Diwali – Bangalore Nov 2018
Lights and Legends of Diwali – Bangalore Nov 2018
Lights and Legends of Diwali – Bangalore Nov 2018

Nothing like coming together with a bunch of kids between the age of 5 to 10 years and sharing versions on King Rama’s return to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana. Each of them had a special visual depiction to there version of this epic story.

Lights and Legends of Diwali – Bangalore Nov 2018

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The Wishing Tree, a magical collaboration

September had a hidden gift, I found myself in Goa facilitating a workshop that I had once dreamt of doing. At a very special Waldorf inspired school – Keshar Academy of learning. This interaction was truly a magical experience in the journey this far with Drawing Room. We worked on a collaborative piece titled “ The Wishing Tree”. The entire school and I worked together on this one massive branch of a jackfruit tree. The workshop introduce the children to the fact of Trees as being significant in many of the world’s mythologies and religions, having been given deep and sacred meanings throughout the ages.

What do you see when you look at a tree?

We as a group explored the relationship with trees through a conversation, they then collect dried leaves, twigs and other objects from the outdoors to add to the materials they can use to make objects for the tree gifts.

What do you see when you look at a tree?

This was my first experience working with a mixed age group of 2 kids and I must say it was a great experience in watching how ideas unpack and how they tie together when the focus is on creating.


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A workshop that introduced the Gond tribal folk art form. With the use of natural pigments as used by the tribe from central India.

Through storytelling, the children explored the illustrative language of dots and dashes to compose visual narratives in this style. Understanding the illustrative language and motifs of the art form.

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Make space for new interactions

By mid year, I saw myself needing time by myself in the studio to collectively internalize all the interactions I had had from the beginning of the year. I jumped into doing a studio residency at WAA residency in Mumbai, the month long residency was based on ideas that were pertaining to the interactions I had had this far with the kids, of course I invited the kids to work and interact with me exclusive of the time I had by myself in the studio space. This became an interesting challenge for me as the studio had ongoing transformations depending on who had visited the space.

Between the body and the Breathing Earth.
Between the body and the Breathing Earth. 

This past year has opened its doors to many new opportunities of interactions for drawing room, I saw myself being drawn to explore new opportunities for Drawing Room and one such new collaboration was with a school in Bangalore The Atelier is a Reggio Emilia Inspired Studio for children between the age of 2 years to 6 years. The programme and curriculum at The Atelier has been designed for experiential learning. Children learn in various ways and communicate through a multitude of languages. The sessions with the school exposed me to a working with themes pertaining to topics the children were studying and in turn I build these ideas with them in the art studio. Leaving for a lot of experimentation with in the medium we used. We drew with our bodies, clay, and sand and built narratives from trees and other found objects.

A fearless environment leaves space for so much learning. This experience was a glimpse for me into seeing what Drawing Room Studio in a school would be like.

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Over the years I’ve been asked by many adults if I would ever consider taking these concepts of studio explorations to a platform for adults without art background. WeWork Bangalore presented me with one such offer to conduct a session for their team of people who come to this co-working space from various different backgrounds.

Facilitating this session for me was an exercise in letting go of many inhibitions I had constructed for myself over the years of working with adults. This was a fantastic experience in growing to understand that the visual arts can be a tool to allow for a lot of de-stressing and in return clearing of the mind.
I look forward many more of these sessions this year. :)

WeWork Galaxy Bangalore 2018 



Here we are: notes on living on planet earth Mumbai WAA 2018 


A Hand Made Tale; Edition 1 notes on living on planet earth, Exploring the planet, through drawing illustrations, collages and other methods such as wax resist, stamp and block printing, story-telling and narration. This was the beginning to a long-term project on going project focusing on making picture book series.

Here we are; notes on living on planet earth. Mumbai session at WAA residency 2018 
Here we are; notes on living on planet earth. Goa Session 2018
Here we are; notes on living on planet earth. Goa Session 2018

Edition 2: Hand Made Tale, notes on exploring space taking the idea of book making and picture books ahead I worked with the kids on stories pertaining to the planets and space.

Here we Are: Notes on exploring space. WAA residency 2018
Here We Are: notes on exploring space. Collaborative piece at WAA residency Mumbai 2018 
Here We Are: notes on exploring space at WAA residency Mumbai 2018 

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Collaboration with Mumbai Art Gallery in March 2018: I was invited to engage with artist Ayesha Singh and her solo show titled Ghost Lines. This was a first of its kind interaction for me as I was asked to organize a session for the local community of children that would intern have them engage with her work that ranged from videos, drawings and a kinetic sculpture. All tied to the theme of the Mumbai’s cities gothic architecture. Studying the cities old landscape we worked out collages that juxtaposed the new layers to the old.



After so many experiences and bags of fun, after nine workshops and many more sessions, at the end of this year I’m filled to the brim with gratitude towards every one of you who has been a part of the Drawing Room’s Studio’s explorations and discoveries in 2018.

The journey has brought with it immense learnings within my practice, each interaction and each challenge meaningful in ways that were most unexpected. I’m left with a sense of encouragement to keep moving forward and to make way for new waves of inspiration, expression and a whole lot of MAKING.

In the next few posts, I’m revisiting some special moments from 2018:

From Little Seeds Grow Mighty Trees, the workshop was conducted outdoors over 3 weeks in January and February, in Goa to introduce and explore art making using nature and its elements.

Nature Signs, the workshop introduced the Gond tribal art form through story narratives, based on the sea life. This workshop was hosted by Saraya Eco Stay, Goa.

Drawing Room at Shala 142 in Assagao: the session was for little toddlers who came together to explore wax resist techniques, stamp printing on paper creating visual narratives.

I worked with them in their hideaway – a ship tree house that had a narrative to it in itself. The girls invited me to do a session with them in their tree house and they referred to as a ship. Through the session they took charge of the journey into this mythical space.

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